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Using best practice
All courses follow the Best Practice in FASD Training Guide developed by National FASD and Seashell as part of a DHSC-funded project. The guide is available in the resources section.
Stigma- and blame-free 
All courses follow the FASD: Preferred UK Language Guide developed by National FASD and Seashell as part of a DHSC funded project. The guide is in the
resources section.
Based on Cutting edge science
All courses highlight the latest scientific understanding and current advice from the UK Chief Medical Officers, NICE, SIGN, PHE and the BMA.
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Reactions to our e-school so far ...

Birth mum to teen with FASD
This e-course is FANTASTIC! It is so informative. Honestly, it is so in depth. It is super brilliantly put together and flows so nicely through every aspect of FASD. This is amazing. I am so excited to be able to recommend this to professionals!! 
FASD trainer, former virtual head
The style of presentation is excellent, and it is easy to use. It is better than anything that I have seen or used before. It is really a breath of fresh air and is of a standard that other e-learnings should aspire to.
FASD expert, consultant psychiatrist
Really liked it. Easy and fun to use and can be useful for all groups. Certainly a very helpful resource.
E-learning expert
You have done a great job, one of the best we have seen where an organisation is starting out their journey of creating elearning.
This is just so good - a fun, interactive and informative one stop for everything you need to know about FASD. It is as useful for parents and those with FASD as it is for professionals. 
Registered Dental Nurse
I got enthralled by this course, it is absolutely incredible. It is worth every penny from a Registered Dental Nurse and Health & Social Care professional perspective. It opens the door to conversations during each medical (social/risk) assessment which could be crucial in helping prevent Alcohol Exposed Pregnancies and FASD.