Introduction to FASD

This course provides an essential overview of key issues related to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.
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Course contents

Created by

Joanna Buckard

Joanna Buckard, Director of Innovation for the National Organisation for FASD. Jo is a specialist FASD trainer and Health and Social Care Lecturer and has been working within the FASD field for 16 years and within the health, social and education sector for 25 years. She founded Red Balloon Training in 2008 to deliver specialist FASD training and consultancy to health, social care and education professionals and has delivered bespoke training and consultancy throughout the UK and Channel Islands. Joanna joined the staff in 2020 and has been consulting on National FASD projects for more than 13 years. Joanna has presented research on FASD nationally and internationally and regularly speaks to the media about FASD.  

National FASD Chief Executive Sandra Butcher also contributed to the making of this course.
With special thanks
This Introduction to FASD e-learning course was developed with support from the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership. It was updated in July 2023.