Talking About Alcohol and Pregnancy

This short course aims to equip professionals with an understanding about the risks of alcohol in pregnancy.

With 77% of women in the UK drinking alcohol and half of pregnancies being unplanned, anyone working with women of child-bearing age should be aware of the importance of alcohol-free pregnancies, based on latest scientific evidence and governmental guidelines.

This course is designed for professionals working with pregnant women or women who could become pregnant such as pharmacists, sexual health practitioners, drug and alcohol workers, social workers and a wide range of other professionals.
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Joanna Buckard

Joanna Buckard, Director of Innovation for the National Organisation for FASD. Jo is a specialist FASD trainer and Health and Social Care Lecturer and has been working within the FASD field for nearly 20 years and within the health, social and education sector more than 25 years. She founded Red Balloon Training in 2008 to deliver specialist FASD training and consultancy to health, social care and education professionals and has delivered bespoke training and consultancy throughout the UK and Channel Islands. Joanna joined the staff in 2020 and has been consulting on National FASD projects for more than 15 years. Joanna has presented research on FASD nationally and internationally and regularly speaks to the media about FASD.
Jo worked with the National FASD experts committee and a specialist committee of midwives on this course. She also worked with Little Man Project, e-learning specialists, on the course design.

This course is funded by Sylvia Adams Charitable Trust. It is in part derived from a longer course for maternity teams that was originally created with funding from Diageo.